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A vision to bring luxury services to the world

Our service

At DiamondAir we understand that our VIP clients and guests are looking for a simple solution to their changing and evolving travel itineraries. Booking Airport by Invitation couldn’t be simpler. Many destinations are available for booking. We make sure your arrival and departure needs are handled.

Airport by Invitation services are like no other, offering personal and seamless travel when travelling in First and Business Class.

Departures: discreet and luxurious

Arrive at the VIP suite to be greeted by your dedicated team

Relax with luxury amenities, food, drinks and services in your own private lounge

Check in, baggage and security checks completed in suite

Chauffeured across airfield directly to aircraft door recreating an experience nothing less than private jet travel

Arrivals: speedy and relaxed

Met at aircraft door and chauffeured directly to the VIP suite

Relax in your own private lounge with your choice of amenities and luxury services

All airport formalities, baggage collection and border control processes completed while in suite

Onward travel to your final destination